Your New Hearing Aids and Fitting

 The purpose of the following videos and content is to educate you about your instruments before and after you are seen in the office for your hearing aid fitting. This information intended to be resource for you to have immediate access to for the use and care of your hearing instruments. Please take time to read the information, review the photos and videos. Doing that will better prepare you for proper use of your hearing aids, and improve your hearing ability.

We appreciate how important it is to stay home as much as possible during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. We want you to feel safe and to prevent illness. These educational tools will make you better informed and will maximize your time in your hearing aid visit. This will ensure success with your hearing instruments.

Use these links to learn more about your hearing aid fitting.

Changing the Battery

Remember: When changing your hearing aid battery: Remember to let the battery ‘rest’ for a couple of minutes before you shut the battery door. When you pull off the tab you are letting air get into the battery canister and that promotes a chemical process that charges the battery.

How to replace a behind-the-ear hearing aid wax filter

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