Preventing Sinus Infections: Lifestyle Changes and Allergy Management

Vancouver, WA, is home to ENT, where otolaryngologist Dr. Todd Berinstein sees patients daily for sinus infections and ear, nose, and throat problems. Our doctor is skilled in the ENT field of medicine and is board-certified in otolaryngology. 

Read on to discover what our esteemed doctor says about how simple lifestyle changes and allergy management can curtail the symptoms of chronic sinusitis. 

What is Chronic Sinusitis?

Chronic sinusitis can attack year-round, or it can be seasonal. You develop sinusitis when your sinuses become inflamed for at least 12 weeks. You experience a stuffy or runny nose, blocked drainage of the sinuses, facial pain and pressure, and sometimes a headache. Your symptoms can worsen, and you can develop a fever, severe headache, and redness in your eyes. It is time to seek medical attention!

ENT in Vancouver, WA, explains that a few conditions that could cause sinusitis including a deviated septum, conditions that weaken your immune system, nasal polyps, respiratory infections, or allergies for which there is an endless list. 

Sinusitis is quite common for many people and is treatable by our doctor. We may have to do some lab testing or imaging to make sure there is not another underlying health condition. 

This pesky condition can last for several weeks, months, and even years when untreated. Dealing with sinusitis for more than 12 weeks means it is time to call and make an appointment with our ENT specialist because you have done all you can at home to alleviate symptoms without success. 

Treatment Options

When simple treatment options at home fail to eliminate your symptoms, it is time to see our doctor for stronger options, such as oral steroids, antibiotics, allergy testing, allergy shots, balloon sinuplasty, and possible surgical intervention for conditions like a deviated septum. 

Preventative Approaches and Lifestyle Changes

  • Discover underlying causes: asthma, allergies, nasal polyps
  • Dental checkups every six months
  • Boost your immune system: appropriate vitamins, supplements
  • Saline nasal irrigations
  • (Eight) eight ounces of water daily
  • Treat allergies, allergy testing, allergy shots, and medications, and avoid known allergens
  • Avoid smoke, quit smoking
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Humidifiers, especially during the winter months

 Don't Suffer One More Day with Sinusitis!

You don't have to suffer from chronic sinus infection symptoms, as our experienced doctor Todd Berinstein and his physician's assistants Danielle Brown and Kayla Eversole, at ENT, 360-326-3966, in Vancouver, WA, can help you if you call today and schedule your appointment. We can help you resolve your pesky symptoms by using stronger treatment options.  

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