The Importance of Allergy Treatment

Vancouver's Leading Otolaryngologist Helps Patients Conquer Allergies by Testing

Dr. Todd Berinstein is a board-certified, licensed, and skilled ENT specialist at ENTOffice.Org, in Vancouver, WA. Our doctor serves the residents of Vancouver and surrounding areas in the field of ear, nose, throat, and allergies. Our doctor has answers to most allergy problems once he discovers what type of allergy is affecting your life.

Many products and environmental factors cause people allergy havoc seasonally and all year round. Our doctor says that allergy treatment is essential to good health and fighting these symptoms. It is wise to determine what is causing your allergies through allergy testing. You can avoid these allergens as much as possible and seek treatment.

Untreated allergies open the door to new and extended illnesses that complicate your health, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and joint inflammation when allergies run rampant.

Treatment of Allergies - Essential to Excellent Health

Dr. Berinstein believes it necessary to let people know what these allergens can do to their health and why allergy treatment is essential. Allergens can cause mild to severe symptoms when we,

  • Breathe them
  • Ingest them through foods and beverages
  • Touch them

The most common allergy testing is by blood and skin pricks by a seasoned allergy specialist. Testing identifies all the allergens that keep you sick and not feeling your best. You can be allergic to something and not be aware.

First, our doctor gathers your medical history and symptoms. Then, he may recommend allergy testing depending on your symptoms. Testing gives our doctor a definitive list of reactive allergens. The testing results take as little as 20 minutes and are the only way to determine the correct treatment.

Allergies can originate from the medications you take to the foods and beverages you consume. In addition, insect bites, pet dander, dust, mold, mildew, pollen, and millions of other marketplace products can trigger an allergy attack.

So how do you fight allergies if you do not know what you are fighting without testing?

Allergy testing allows the doctor to prescribe more potent medicines, such as antihistamines, decongestants, topical skin creams, and steroid sprays. In addition, treatment helps you avoid infections brought about by the things in your life that cause allergy attacks.

Our doctor creates an individualized plan of care and a course of allergy shots to help build your immunity against the allergens affecting you.

Stop The Allergy Cycle

Dr. Berinstein at ENTOffice.Org, in Vancouver, WA, cannot help you conquer your allergies until you call our office to schedule an allergy consultation and seek relief. Never allow allergies to go untreated and cause you more health problems. Call (360) 326-3966 today.

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