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  • "Dr. Berinstein is a really amazing doctor. First time I saw him, Dr. Berinstein correctly diagnosed with walking pneumonia and gave me the correct medicine for treatment. This was after visits to 3 different doctors over 1 1/2 months and X-rays. With the right medication and diagnosis, I felt better within days. Second time I saw him was after I went to an allergy center and felt like a dollar sign and a guinea pig. Dr. Berinstein listened to my concerns, addressed my questions, verified the test I needed was covered by insurance and made sure the medication he prescribed me was affordable. With the treatment plan, he gave me choices and his staff called my insurance to find out how much my treatment plan would cost me out of pocket before we settled on the treatment path. I highly recommend this office. Dr. Berinstein is a life saver."
  • "Dr Bernstein removed a nodule on my thyroid gland. And he was able to remove it successfully and the scarring was so minimal I was super impressed he is an awesome doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. B solved my ear problem within mere minutes. I had been told by others that I needed expensive tests and possibly surgery. I definitely recommend Dr. Bernstein."
  • "In my opinion, Dr. Berinstein is the BEST!!!"
  • "I've had lifelong ear problems & I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. B to anyone needing his expertise. He is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, gentle & has excellent bedside manner. He & his staff run the most efficient office I have ever experienced."
  • "Dr Berinstein is the greatest! As is his team. The doctor is personable, knowledgeable, smart, patient, kind and attentive. He did sinus correction surgery for me and I just can't emphasize enough how impressed I am with him."
  • "The office staff was very friendly and informative. The audiologist was thorough and knowledgeable. Dr. Berinstein listened well, examined thoroughly, and explained clearly. I could not imagine a more positive experience. Thank you!"
  • "Lovely office, great follow-through. My experience has been extremely satisfactory. Orders were at the lab. I received nothing but kindness and professionalism from the entire staff. So glad my primary physician recommended this ENT office. Issue resolved!"
  • "Dr Todd Berinstein gives straight answers, with options and likely outcomes in terms that are understandable. He is respectful and never condescending, asks good questions and inspires confidence with his understanding, easy manner and good humor."
  • "Dr. Berinstein is the best! He listens, and he knows what to do to treat your problem. He is kind and truly cares. I had gone deaf in one ear which was very upsetting. He made sure I was okay and if I had any other questions before leaving. His treatment plan so far has restored most of my hearing and I am so thankful for him!"

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  • Vestibular Schwannoma

    Vestibular schwannoma is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor that grows on the eighth cranial nerve, which is responsible for hearing and balance. The tumors are rare, accounting for only five to seven percent of all brain tumors. However, for the part of the brain where they are located, called the cerebellopontine ...

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  • Vocal Cord Paralysis

    People have one set of two vocal cords, also known as vocal folds, that work together in your voice box to produce sound. They open when you breathe in to let the air flow through your lungs, and they close and vibrate when you speak (this is called phonation). To produce adequate voice, both vocal cords ...

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  • Turbinate Hypertrophy

    Turbinate hypertrophy refers to an excessive growth or enlargement of the turbinates, which are bony structures located inside the nose. They are covered with a special skin called mucosa, and they help filter, warm, and humidify the air as you breathe. The mucosa naturally swells during the normal nasal ...

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  • Thyroid Nodules

    The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the front of the neck. It produces thyroid hormone, which controls your metabolism, temperature regulation, and keeps your muscles and organs working properly. Diseases of the thyroid, whether functional (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism) ...

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  • Swimmer's Ear

    Swimmer’s ear (also called acute otitis externa) is a painful condition that affects the outer ear and ear canal that is caused by infection, inflammation, or irritation. These symptoms often occur after water gets trapped in your ear, especially if the water has bacteria or fungal organisms in it. ...

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  • Snoring, Sleeping Disorders and Sleep Apnea

    Nearly half of adults snore, and over 25 percent are habitual snorers. Problem snoring and sleeping disorders are more frequent in males and people who are overweight, and usually worsens with age. Snoring is bothersome to others, but it can also be a sign of a more serious condition known as obstructive ...

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  • Sinusitis

    Have you ever felt like you had a cold that wouldn’t go away? If symptoms of discolored nasal drainage and blockage hang around for more than 10 days, or worsen after they start getting better, there’s a good chance you have sinusitis, an infection or inflammation of the sinuses. Sinuses are hollow ...

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  • Salivary Gland Disorders

    The salivary glands are found in and near your mouth, face, and neck. Dehydration is a risk factor for certain salivary gland disorders. To help maintain good oral health, it’s important to drink lots of liquid every day to promote good saliva production. The major salivary glands include the parotid ...

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  • Pediatric Hearing Loss

    Three million children under the age of 18 have some kind of hearing loss. At birth, one in 1,000 children have significant permanent hearing loss. When mild hearing loss is included, six in 1,000 children are affected. By age 18, 17 in 1,000 people have some degree of permanent hearing loss (this does ...

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  • Pediatric Sinusitis

    Sinusitis (rhinosinusitis) in children can look different than sinusitis in adults. More often, children have a cough, bad breath, crankiness, low energy, and swelling around the eyes, along with a thick yellow-green nasal or post-nasal drip. Most of the time, children are diagnosed with viral sinusitis ...

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